Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Colorful Pallet Sign

As usual, I have a couple of pallets in my garage. I begged my husband to pry off the boards so I could make a little sign. I could probably do it myself, but jeeze he needs some reminders that he really is needed around here, right?

Last week my 3 year old yelled at him when he picked up a screwdriver, "NO, Daddy! That Mommy's tools!"- I guess we know who the handy one is around here:)

I cut a few boards and made them all different lengths.

I weathered the paint to make it look nice and old and then

I printed off my sayings in cool fonts and used carbon to transfer the lettering.

Get hundreds of awesome fonts here at DaFont.

I attached them together using some scrap wood. I also like how these make the sign stand away from the wall.

Then I hung it with these eye hooks and some jute. I decided I didn't like how the jut looked and switched it out with some small chain and it is no longer visible.

It is so fun and I love the colors!

I actually moved it into my kitchen and it has really brightened up the wall above our kitchen table.


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