Sunday, April 15, 2012

Juice: make me a pallet on the floor

Am feeling rather uninspired right now after a productive night and morning. After my first wakeboarding of the summer (huzzah) during which I was decidedly rusty (book), I came home and studied like a fucking champion (huzzah). I powered through a third of a book. Slept at 3 am, woke up at 9. More studying, more problem solving. Fuck yeah.

Now my brain has shut down. Which is a shame because my target for the day is 100 more pages. So I decided to eat some toast dipped in jalapeno olive oil and fig balsamic vinegar, drink some fresh drip Vietnamese coffee sweetened with maple syrup and write about it. Success.

The CFA exam is about 6 weeks away and I am pretty much positioned to fail. And yet, I'd be remiss not to try. With a study schedule stricter than a supermodel's diet, I can try to turn this Titanic around, away from the iceberg of crippling shame from failing an exam at the age of almost-30. Who's with me?

Here's how it stands as of 15th of April. Book 1, Book 5 and 2/3rds of Book 4 are pending first glance. The interim target is to finish everything by end of April. Practice exams are a whole other matter.

Next weekend is fucked because the girls and I are heading to Taipei to stuff our faces with xiao long baos (at least that's what I have planned for myself). In lieu of this of course there is labour day weekend - I can laboriously labour through some "self-tests" perhaps?

If I do pass this bitch, I will deem myself capable of literally anything and thereby make plans for world dominion. You think I am joking.


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