Monday, April 23, 2012

Pallet Racking Installation

Installing pallet racking should, wherever possible, always be carried out by a trained racking engineer.  They will make sure the floor is suitable for installation and will carry out all the required check prior to the first use of the pallet racking.

If you are going to install it yourself, make sure everything is square and true and the pallet racking is fixed to the floor properly.  Also be aware that the configuration of your pallet racking can affect the capacity of the frames and beams. Incorrect installation could put you at risk of overloading and potential collapse.  If you are in doubt we can arrange to have your pallet racking installed or inspected by a SEIRS trained installer to make sure it adheres to SEMA guidlines.

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Chelsea Alana said...

With the right tools and proper knowledge regarding a proper pallet racking installation, you can ensure a highly durable and stable pallet racking. Click Here for more ideas about pallet racking.

Bob Johnson said...

Well, compared to other utility/storage solution, pallet racks especially those that are made of steel are long lasting, durable, dependable,
easy to assemble and above all, pocket friendly.

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